Tens of thousands of college graduates are about to enter the employment market, all searching for that elusive first job. We've heard many times about the unemployment and underemployment problems that 20-29 years old have had in recent years, but is that all the fault of a lousy economy? Maybe not:

In the Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility report, released Monday, surveyors asked 1,000 adults about the importance of various items in their daily lives. Among millennials, 93 percent said a smartphone was "very" or "somewhat" important, making it the most important item for that age group. Fewer—87 percent—said deodorant was of daily importance, and 91 percent, a toothbrush.

Got that? For our youth, it's more important to have a smartphone than teeth. Or to avoid offending others with potentially pungent odors during the summer heat. Among all adults surveyed, deodorant and smartphones were deemed equally important in daily life, at 91 percent, while the toothbrush got top ranking, with 95 percent saying it's a daily must.

Tyler Olson, ThinkStock
Today's milennials, apparently.

And, believe it or not, those factors might have an impact on whether or not these millennials actually find a job:

"If people can smell you before they see you, you aren't getting the job," said Susan RoAne, author of"How to Work a Room."  Slip into bad hygiene habits after getting hired, and you're not likely to get promoted, or last in a position that involves face-to-face contact with executives or clients.

So, if you know of a recent college grad, forget about the firm handshake and impressive resume as advice. The key to landing a job simply might be taking a shower and wearing deodorant. And that's easy!