Lately, it seems like everywhere you look you'll see an advertisement or pitch of some sort regarding home protection. You've got ADT, SimpliSafe, and a host of other monitored alarms systems, along with video surveillance systems, and do-it-yourself alarm kits. Price points can vary widely, but there's a very experienced local service that can help you protect your home and business--for free.

Sure, most of us would love to have a state-of-the-art alarm and video system in place, but many cannot afford it. That's where the The Rockford Police Community Services Unit comes in. The Rockford PD has made officers available to conduct a security survey of your home and/or business, with the goal of making your place a whole lot less inviting to a would-be burglar:

During this survey officers will prepare a written report and provide you with recommendations for increased security. These officers are able to provide tips on the obvious things such as locks and lighting as well as suggesting ways to landscape your property in such a way that it encourages criminals to "move on" to an easier target. Whether you have an existing home or are considering building a new one, we encourage you take advantage of this free service by calling the Community Services Unit at (815) 987-5041 and scheduling an appointment.

Summertime means a lot more outdoor activities, which means more people will be out and around--some of them for less than honorable reasons. Kudos to the The Rockford Police Community Services Unit for offering this great service.


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