What a great time we recently had on the show with Righteous Brother Bill Medley. Sometimes these memoir interviews can be a little hit-and-miss depending on the author's willingness to share some info and have a little fun with us as hosts.

Medley was an enthusiastic subject, touching on his music, his partnership with Bobby Hatfield, and more personal topics as well found inside "The Time of My Life". He also has a brand new album out as well, "Your Heart To Mine: Dedicated to the Blues" (so popular it's out of stock at Amazon as of this writing).

The book is co-written by a Rockford native, Mike Marino. He's the son of our own "Mr. 4th of July," Joe Marino. Medley only had kind words for his partner:

The guy who helped write the book, Mike Marino, he's from Rockford. And he's a psychologist so he really dug a lot of stuff out of me and I'm glad he did. He's a great guy [and] a good writer. He pulled some stuff out of me that I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about...but I was OK with it.

DeCapo Books
DeCapo Books

Here's the full interview with Bill Medley, where we also talk about how he ended up singing the song that lends its title to this book:

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