Call me crazy but I think these kids are going to make it. The story behind this is actually kind of sweet. Rosie Fogle and Brian Wildeman wanted to be the first couple married in Cook County for the year 2018.

WGN - For getting up early and being the first in line, the newlyweds who have been together for five years and have a 2-year-old daughter will get a gift package that includes concert tickets, theatre tickets, hotel stays downtown and may more prizes.

It's a pretty cool tradition that the county does every year.

I know that it was cold that night but maybe Brian could have not worn a hat before getting married. I'm pretty sure that pictures are a common thing at weddings. I'm also pretty sure I've never had a good hair day in my life but just take a look at that mop.


Just not a good look dude. I totally get the tuxedo shirt. He likes to party, makes sense.

He just looks a little weird juxtaposed with his beautiful wife. She managed to look at least business casual at what is one of the more important days of her life.

But then you look at the way she's lovingly gazing into his unkempt eyes and you know it's true love. The kind they talked about in The Princess Bride. She's definitely the Princess Buttercup to his Wesley (If you're not getting that reference stop what you're doing and go rent the movie, now.)

Here's to the happy couple. Just a word of advice, if you're going to do it again bring a comb and learn which way the boutineer is supposed to sit. Hopefully, you get a lot more usage out of that tuxedo shit.

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