Kermit the Frog sang about the difficulties of being green. For this cat in Bulgaria, the whole thing has been pretty easy, with the exception being the accusations of animal cruelty.

First off, the (now) famous green cat of Varna, Bulgaria is not the victim of cruelty. After debuting it's look on the streets of Varna, citizens there were outraged at the thought of awful vandals painting a cat green. There was even a Facebook page set up to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Then, another hypothesis popped up amongst the locals. It was discovered the cat spends each night sleeping on cans of synthetic green paint. The theory now is that the cat licked itself after being in the paint, thus converting itself into the current color scheme. According to some, this happened last year as well, so they figure it's not poisonous to the cat.

Attempts at catching the cat and cleaning it up have thus far proven unsuccessful.

Perhaps the cat is considering a move to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day.