We are expecting the coldest temps of the year so far. But they are not even close to what we have experienced in the past. 

As we settle in for some cold weather this week, here are the five coldest days on record in Rockford, according to the National Weather Service in Chicago.

5.    Twenty-Three Degrees Below Zero

The last time it got that cold was back on January 18th, 1994. In fact, the wind chill around 8 AM that morning was -49 degrees. Cold does not being to describe the feeling I would have. It also reached that temp on January 25, 1897 and December 26, 1914.

4.  Twenty-Four Degrees Below Zero 

This was a popular temperature to reach over the years. Eight different times since 1936 has it hit that mark. In fact, it reached -24 seven times between 1979 and 1996. The record was tied within four days of each other. First on January 11th, 1979 and then again on January 15th. 1979 was also the 5th coldest on record as the temperature never reached above freezing for 30 days starting  on January 21st.

3. Twenty-Five Degrees Below Zero

Three times the mercury hit this frigid cold temperature. The good news is that back in 1982 when it reached that low, the record was tied sometime during the 1 AM hour, meaning most people were at home hopefully staying warm. This record was also tied on January 5, 1924 and February 9, 1933.

2. Twenty-Six Degrees Below Zero

Back on January 20th, 1985, Rockford was hit with a massive cold blast. There was a five hour period starting at 4 AM that day where the temperature stayed at -26 below for 5 hours. Combine that with a wind of 15 mph and the wind chill made it feel like -55 below at times. When it gets that cold, why even go out. That was a day people should stay indoors, as the high for the day was -5 below at 10 PM at night.

1. Twenty-Seven Degrees Below Zero

The date was January 10, 1982. The entire Midwest was on the grips of a major arctic blast. When most people in Rockford woke up, it was already the coldest day ever in the city. Wind Chills were being observed at close to -60 below. Down the road in Chicago, it dropped to that temp, but wind chills were close to -70 below. Here is an  archived Chicago Tribune newspaper that says it all. 

Let's hope we never get that cold ever again. This cold weather we are going to experience now is more than enough. If you want more information on anything weather, including where I got some of these awesome details on exact wind chills, check out Weather Underground 

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