Growing up, the best thing I ever got on Halloween was a full-size Snickers bar once in awhile. 

The lucky kids that were Trick-or-Treating in Tom Ricketts neighborhood got something a little better, brand new baseballs with Cubs logos on them. I'm not sure if they're signed but I wouldn't be surprised if they are.

While I'm sure if you're Trick-or-Treating in his neighborhood of Wilmette your parents can probably buy you a personal appearance from any one of your favorite Cubs, it's still a pretty cool gesture.

Two things I'd like to not from the above picture. One. Tom, you're super rich, maybe you can afford the full-size bars. Two. This picture made me want a dutch door so bad. Looks so cool. You can keep your dogs in while keeping a nice breeze going. You could set a pie on there for cooling. Possibilities are endless.

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