I've always been of the mind that autographs are for kids. 

I've never really understood the appeal of getting an autograph as an adult and according to this new sign that's up at the Cubs spring training facility in Mesa, they're on the same page as me.

There's a real seedy underworld in the sports collectible game that people take advantage of so I understand an athlete's reluctance to sign memorabilia for adults. It's a little unseemly to badger a player for their signature on a jersey and then turn around and sell that jersey for a profit.

I've been fortunate enough to meet more than a few famous athletes in my day. I always thought that just a conversation and a handshake was way cooler than shoving something in their face to sign. I'll allow a selfie with someone as long as it's in an appropriate setting.

Now there are other areas in Mesa where adults are allowed to ask for autographs but I'm guessing that the majority of the players will spend their time with the kids.

I fully agree with Dan Migala on this one, more teams should take note of this and have their own "kids only" autograph area.

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