The last time the Cubs hosted the All-Star Game in 1990 more than half of the current team hadn't even been born yet. That might change in the near future. 

Current MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently stated in an interview that the midsummer's classic could be headed to the Windy City.

"It makes sense the Cubs get an opportunity... after the new renovations are complete," Manfred said on Saturday during an appearance on 670 The Score. "This will provide the Cubs and Ricketts family a chance to showcase the unbelievable renovation they are in the midst of doing for Wrigley Field."

You may have noticed the one caveat in the commissioner's statement, "after the new renovations are complete." If you've been to Wrigley lately you may wonder what's left to do. Well it turns out there's been one place in the park that's been left in the dark ages:

That's right. They STILL haven't upgraded the visitor's clubhouse. Honestly, I think that's great. The old clubhouses were HORRIBLE. Like less than minor league worthy bad.

If I'm the Cubs I think I let this wait a little longer. That's a big competitive advantage when your opponent has to get ready in what amounts to a bad high school locker room while you have state of the art equipment in yours.

The All-Star game would be cool, but let's make the visiting team more uncomfortable for a couple more seasons.

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