It is a definite fact that the 2022 Chicago Bears are a bad football team. They are 3-10, dead last in the NFC North, behind even the Packers who are having a horrible season and officially eliminated from the playoffs before they even had their bye week.

This isn't an outlandish claim. The Bears are bad. They know it. You know it. The American people know it.

BUT...unlike the Packers, there are greener pastures ahead for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears defense is bad/borderline terrible. Injuries, offseason moves, and years of woeful drafting have left the celebrated Bears defense looking like swiss cheese.

Fortunately, defense doesn't matter in the NFL. A dominant defensive team hasn't won the Super Bowl since 2000 when the Ray Lewis led Ravens won the title with Trent Dilfer at QB.

Offense rules in the NFL. As long as your defense isn't "horrible" you can win in the NFL with the right offense.

And it looks like the Bears are very close to having the right offense.

Justin Fields is an absolute stud. If you disagree with that statement then you should probably stop reading right now. You're too far gone and will still be making excuses while Fields hoists the Lombardi trophy in 5 years.

The man is very good at football. Some proof.

Bear fans aren't used to an offense that will pick up big chunks of yards on single plays. We're very used to the 3 and out offense, or at least the drive that stalls at the 50 and is forced to punt.

Big plays just aren't part of a Bear fan's memories.

Until this year.

This list I found on Twitter blew me away. It's the number of big plays (10+ yards rush or 20+ yards passing) each team has had this year. Normally the Bears would be near the bottom of the list if not dead last. Not this year:


I made a noise at my desk when I saw it. Maybe you did too. It's very surprising.

The Bears are bad now, but watch out. They have draft picks, a front office that seems to know what they're doing, and an MVP candidate in Fields.

For once it might finally be good to be a Bears fan.

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