OOOOH Boy are the Chicago Bears a dumpster fire of epic proportions.

The Bears reached a new low this Sunday when they lost to the Baltimore Ravens, who were forced to start their backup quarterback, but still had enough firepower to walk our of Soldier Field a winner 16-13.

It's a weird time to be a Bear fan. You see the future in Justin Fields but then see what kind of situation he's been feed into and then you lose all hope.

I'm a 42-year old "man" and this doesn't really affect me in my daily life, but it's affected a bunch of young children and it's one of the funniest things I've seen.

This young child lying prone on the floor after a devastating loss is pretty much par for the course for a Bear fan in their 30s or 40s but it's great to see a 5-year-old experience it for the first time.


There we have a young fan just lying prone after a loss. Not a huge deal, but something that will last with this kid for awhile.

Then we have this kid, who might not recover for another 10 years.

And this might be my favorite internet clip over the last 20 years.

There is something incredible about kids crying over their team. It's not that I like watching young kids cry. I like to watch kids cry about something stupid that will haunt them for the rest of your lives.

(or just crying about something that doesn't matter. a kid crying over a lost balloons? I'm in. It's all very funny.)

What's not funny is the status of the Chicago coaching staff. Matt Nagy is, in a phrase, not good at his job. We're all waiting for the McCaskey's to build up enough gusto to fire the guy. The Bears have never fired anyone midseason so it'll be interesting what they do in the middle of a season with a lame duck coach. What I can promise is that it will probably infuriate you and possibly make your opponents more confident.

That's all I can give you right now. I hoped those young Bear fans had a nice night's sleep, because it will likely be one of your last for the next 60 years.

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