I don't want this to turn into a blog bashing the St. Louis Cardinals but.....

This is some minor league type promotion.

Starting tomorrow, February 12 at 10 AM, you can purchase Cardinal tickets for $5 a piece. I addition to that deal, each ticket comes with $5 worth of concessions.

The only limitation is that this deal is only good for Monday-Thursday games, excluding opening day. The deal is only available for 12 hours, it expires at 10 PM tomorrow night.

Do the "Best Fans in Baseball" need this kind of incentive to show up to a game? The Cardinals have played fast and loose with their attendance figures in the past.

To be fair, there is only one weekday series with the Cubs this year, July 30-Aug 1. That's still a pretty good deal.

This is probably the only time you can get this good of a deal on Cubs-Cards tickets because I can guarantee you that the Cubs will NEVER have this kind of promotion anytime in the next 20 years.


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