Previously, I told you about the best mac-n-cheese you will find in Rockford...

Credit: Screw City Tavern
Credit: Screw City Tavern

... and I still stand by my word.

This time the focus is on pizza but it will require a short trip down I-39. Based on everything I've read and been told by friends in the area, it is 100% worth it.

Locals rave about this place and you will too once you get this unbelievable mouth-watering pie in your mouth.

Only In Your State (OIYS) describes it as a typical bar and grill; slots, pool, music, live entertainment, and more. What is not typical is the pizza.


Before that, if someone in your family or group is from outer space and doesn't like pizza, why are you friends with them? Just kidding. Bring them along because this joint serves typical bar foods like mozzarella sticks, wings, onion strings, nachos, and more. That pizza, though.

Credit: Mickie's Pizzeria - East Peoria, Facebook
Credit: Mickie's Pizzeria - East Peoria, Facebook

This potentially life-changing pie can be found at Mickie's Sports Bar & Grill on the edge of East Peoria.

(Keep in mind, I did tell you it would involve a short road trip. It's just over two hours from the center of Rockford.)


What's so special about this pie? I mean, if the image above isn't a good enough reason check out this note from OIYS.

The dough is made in-house daily and the sauce is made with a special blend of seasonings. Order one with traditional toppings or try something different like shrimp cocktail, refried beans, or taco meat on top.

Hold up, shrimp cocktail on a pizza? Sign me up!

Find directions to Mickie's here.

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[h/t Only In Your State]

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