The arrival to training camp is usually a low key affair. Not this time. 

Flashy entrances in the NFL are usually reserved for wide receivers, maybe a few tight ends or quarterbacks, special teamers are supposed to be the humble guys on the field.

Not with this Bears team.

Fourth year Bear and punter, Pat O'Donnell arrived at training camp in Bourbonnais with place kicker Connor Barth as a passenger in a McLaren.

If you're unfamiliar with the McLaren it's probably because you also don't know much about yachts, they're supposed to be only for the super rich.

The odds on the Bears punter actually owning the high-end car, which starts at $200,000 and can easily soar towards a million dollars with upgrades, are low since the young punter ONLY makes $700,000 a year.

O'Donnell played coy when asked where he got the ride. I'm guessing it's a loaner from a dealer that just wants some exposure.

Whatever the reason you have to respect the swagger that these special teamers have. If the Bears season is anything like last year's it might be the only fun they have this year.

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