If you've dreamed of being a teacher or you're working towards your bachelor's in education, then Illinois REALLY wants you.


Teachers are in high demand in our state.

WIFR shared a survey that "The (Springfield) State Journal-Register published, from a survey done by the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools" which showed our state has a definite teacher shortage.

The survey showed that over "75% of our schools districts have fewer qualified candidates than in previous years."

It also reported that "16 percent of schools canceled classes or programs because of a teacher shortage."

The area most needed for teachers are those in the fields of special education and the language arts.

Currently, the "Illinois State Board of Education says there are over 2,000 unfilled positions in Illinois, including teachers, administrative staff and support staff."

Wow! That's a lot of positions.

This is good news for our future teachers, those just graduated or soon to be and for those teachers returning to the work force.






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