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Vintage Illinois Tollway Videos with Mary MacToll
Remember when driving the Illinois Tollway was fun? Apparently, at one time (around 1959, when this campaign was released) it really, really was.
I just happened to stumble onto these wonderful bits of nostalgia, so I don't have much background to share with you other than the character of Mary MacTo…
Illinois Tollway Deploying 'Zero Weather Road Patrols'
The Illinois Tollway has activated their around-the-clock Zero Weather Road Patrols. The extra patrols help aid customers who are stranded in their cars.
The Tollway anticipates operating the Zero Weather Road Patrols through Friday or whenever the temperatures and sustained wind chills rise above ze…
Illinois Tollway To Test New Tolling Technology
Illinois Tollway to test new tolling technology
DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (AP) — Motorists on the Illinois Tollway might one day be able to use a smartphone app to pay tolls automatically while driving.
That's one of the technologies the agency wants to play with at a test site it plans to set up…