Illinois Tollway drivers may be throwing out those little white plastic boxes. Illinois may follow an industry tech trend shifting away from hard-case transponders.

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Don't you just love your little white plastic Illinois toll-paying device? I speak of that thing sarcastically because I've never used Velcro to attach it to my windshield, so when I need it, I toss it up on the dash. It rests quietly in the air vent until I exit the freeway and turn and it goes flying across the dash, into the passenger window, and onto the floor in a place I can't reach until I get out of the car. I also like having it free to easily move to my other vehicles or loaning it to my daughter.


Illinois is Getting Rid of Plastic iPass Transponder

"No more iPass" is the rumor I'm hearing about a possible change for Illinois Tollway drivers in 2024. The transponder boxes may soon be a thing of the past and a small sticker transponder will likely take its place, according to

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Transportation Corridor Agencies, Daily Herald
Transportation Corridor Agencies, Daily Herald

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California drivers have been using these stickers with a radio frequency since 2019 and there are other states using them as well.

The sticker uses radio frequency identification (RFID) and there is no battery. I don't think I like this other fact about these sticker transponders:

  • They last until you remove them from your vehicle.

I have a big complaint if this means I can't move it around from vehicle to vehicle.

There has been no confirmation of when these stickers will start appearing in Illinois, but the Daily Herald did share this:

[...] at an August (IL Tollway) finance committee session, planners told directors that they were excited about rolling out a sticker program next year, adding that it could provide significant financial benefits to the agency and customers.

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