Someone posing as I-Pass is working to cause actual I-Pass issues.

The Illinois Tollway is warning about a phishing scam going around that's affecting both emails and texts.

The emails appear to be being sent from "Collections Manager" and they have the I-Pass logo with the subject line "Notice to Appear – Past Due I-Pass Tolls". They're saying that you owe past-due tollway tolls and if the emails look like that, they're not real. You need to report them at this link.

The Weird Texts

NBC Chicago reports that most recently, strange texts have been popping up on I-Pass users' phones claiming to also be from the Illinois Tollway. But look at the difference between the sketchy one (on the left) and the legit one (on the right).

NBC Chicago
NBC Chicago

Besides the fact that one comes from a full phone number, look at the difference in links and details in the text too. The not-legit one sends you to a sketchy link to get your financial info. The tollway one even says they won't request your credit card info by text.

Illinois Tollway told NBC Chicago in response to the phishing texts:

The Illinois Tollway worked immediately this weekend with the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology and the appropriate federal authorities to take down the phony website responsible for the phishing texts that were sent to some I-PASS customers. I-PASS customers should delete any text they’ve received stating an outstanding toll amount.

If you want to check your balance on I-Pass, the legit link to do so is

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