What’s Worse Than a Salesperson at Your Door…
My old friend, Rick, once remarked after seeing all the wildlife that populates my yard, "It's like Snow White's ****ing house around here!" At that time, there were squirrels, rabbits, and several chipmunks running around the yard. He should have been at the house later for the family of raccoons that raided our garbage cans, or the possum that took up residence in our garage... Read Mo
It’s Bear-Mania Around Here!
In case you didn't know, we've got at least one Black Bear in the Rockford area. Bear talk (not the kind involving the Monsters of the Midway) has dominated local conversation for the last few days, with many wondering what they would/should do if they were to find a bear in their yard or driveway...
It’s Not Just Bears
Black bears are the buzzing topic around town lately. Weekend sightings of a black bear in the Roscoe area has prompted a lot of talk not only about bears, but about the encroachment of wildlife around populated areas. It's not unusual for me to see coyotes on my way to the radio station early in the morning, and Scot & I see plenty of deer, foxes, turkeys, and hawks running (or flying) around