Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network

The results of advisory referenda will prompt legislation.

The minimum wage question -- $10 an hour by Jan. 1 – got 66 percent “yes” votes.  Gov. Pat Quinn says he’ll push lawmakers to do that before the year is out.

“I think it’s an important mission for all of us to do right by people who work hard, who work 40 hours a week, who do everything according to the rules, they shouldn’t have to live in poverty, so that’s a cause worth fighting for,” he said.

Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner wants to see several pro-business reforms tied to a minimum wage increase, but he says he won’t try to interfere with efforts to pass a stand-alone minimum wage increase during the Veto Session in the coming weeks.

The millionaire tax question got 63 percent.  That asked whether a new 3 percent tax should be imposed on income over $1 million.  It could raise $1 billion for schools, if it’s enacted, but legislation has yet to emerge.

A question on whether health insurance plans should be required to cover birth control won 66 percent support.  Advocates say they’ll try to get legislation that doesn’t contravene the Hobby Lobby decision.

That decision by the U.S. Supreme Court said that for-profit businesses need not comply with the Affordable Care Act requirement to include birth control in insurance for their employees if the business owners have a religious objection.