As children all over the Stateline area head back to school, there's a bit of good news to report on the education front. A new list from School Digger on Illinois' Top 50 School Districts features one local entry: Hononegah Community High School District 207.


Reboot Illinois provides a recap of the School Digger rankings for 774 of the state’s school districts, with the Top 50 highlighted. A vast majority of district were from the Chicagoland area, and Hononegah was the only local district to make the cut at number 37.

How did come to these rankings?

We rank schools based on the most recently reported test scores. Our ranking system for most states is as follows: we take all the schools that have test scores for Math and English. We take the average Math score across all the grades, and the average English score across all the grades, and add them together to make a combined score. That combined score is then sorted. The highest combined score is ranked #1, the second highest #2, and so on.

There's more info on the ranking system here. Here are the vital stats that Reboot Illinois pulled on the Honoegah district: 

  • Number of ranked schools: 1
    • Elementary: 0
    • Middle: 0
    • High school: 1
  • Total enrollment: 2,142
  • Teachers: 120
  • Low-income students: 21 percent
  • Instructional spending: $6,401
  • Operational spending: $10,514
  • PSAE scores: 73 percent
  • Graduation percentage within four years: 90 percent
  • Percent ready for college: 66 percent
It appears that the next local district on the list is Rockton District 140, which check in at #71.


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