Lawmakers remain in Springfield for the next couple of weeks with a couple of large items still left on the agenda. Among them are passing a "balanced" budget for the upcoming year and determining if Governor Pat Quinn will get his permanent tax hike.

State Rep. Tom Demmer joined "Riley & Scot" this morning to discuss the status of both topics in our state's capital (everyone always tells us things are "interesting" down there). Demmer represents the 90th District, which encompasses a large portion of Ogle County, and includes communities like Byron, Stillman Valley, and Oregon.

Tom Demmer
Tom Demmer

With a budget vote reportedly on the horizon and a permanent tax hike vote down the road, we asked Demmer if House Speaker Mike Madigan would find the support for his plans:

"I think one of the important things to look at is what many of the people considered likely 'no' votes on the Democratic side...said during the course of their campaign. Many of the folks...promised they were committed to rolling back the tax increase. They knew raising taxes wasn't the way to grow a strong economy. And so now a lot of them are faced with an unpleasant situation of a very powerful Speaker looking for votes [for a tax hike] and individual members who said directly the opposite [in the past]"

Here's the full interview with Demmer, in which we also talk about the Secure Choice bill and the investigations now underway into the Quinn administration. Oh, and banning baby crib bumpers:

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