Yep. They're available. However, it's a bad idea and will probably completely devalue your car...or something.

Once again, we're dealing with a case of "While you were thinking about how you could do something, you never considered whether you should do it."

As a life-long Cubs fan, I'm still in the camp of people who believe that if you want another state's team logo on your license plate--move to that state.

It's quite obvious that Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White (who has long-time connections to the Chicago Cubs) doesn't feel the same way about things.

Now, I know that we've been told the money from the Cardinals plates will go toward supporting education here in Illinois, so I guess my only hope is that the education they're referring to is geographical education. You know, things like...oh, let's just start with state-lines and boundaries.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced Tuesday that plates with the bird-on-the-bat Cardinals logo may now be ordered. White unveiled the red-and-blue-lettered plate last month at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

The plates are available for order on the secretary of state’s web page . Fans may order a random number, personalized or vanity plate. Delivery takes about six weeks after the order is placed.

A random-number plate costs $69 for a vehicle that is titled with a valid Illinois registration. Personalized and vanity plate costs vary.

Each purchase and renewal of a Cardinals plate raises $25 for the Professional Sports Teams Education Fund and supports public schools in Illinois.

If we start seeing Illinois plates sporting a Green Bay Packers logo, we're going to see a lot more moving vans leaving Illinois than we already do.

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