Granted, some of the laws I'll share with you here are rarely enforced, but...engaging in some of the things on our list could find you in a bit of a jam depending on where you are in the state of Illinois.

I've got to throw out a big thank you to OnlyInYourState for doing the research here. The crack staff did some heavy digging to find some of the more bizarre and unusual offenses that are still on the books in different Illinois cities and towns.

For example:

In Normal, Illinois, it's considered to be abnormal and illegal to make faces at a dog.

Speaking of pets, it's illegal state-wide to give a cigar to your pet.

It's also illegal state-wide to eat in a burning building.

In Chicago, you're violating statute by bringing a French poodle to the opera. Even tie-dyed French poodles.

Moment Open, Getty Images

I've gotta stay out of Eureka, Illinois. It's illegal there for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman. It would seem really odd to find yourself in the county jail for "mustaching."

Also in Chicago, apparently only criminals go fishing while wearing their pajamas. Look at the guy below. You know he's thinking about lake perch.

Getty Images

It's also illegal in Joliet to pronounce the city's name as "Jolly-ette."

Corbis, Getty Images

And, finally, In Kenilworth, a rooster must stand back 300 feet from a residence if it wishes to crow. Unless it's a giant rooster bent on destroying an entire city.

LatinContent, Getty Images

Wow, that's the stuff of nightmares. Or, mountains of nuggets. Same thing.