When we get into late December and early January of any given year, many news outlets publish lists of new laws and regulations that go into effect at the beginning of the new year. What you don't often see are lists of the odd, archaic, or just plain weird old laws that are still around on the books throughout the state. Let's fix that.

From the good folks at OnlyInYourState, here are a few head-scratchers from the Land of Lincoln:

*It’s apparently fine for boys in Mount Pulaski to throw snowballs, but against the law for girls to do it.

*In Bloomington, it is illegal to feed the birds if you live within a mile from downtown. ("But officer, I swear I thought we lived 1.1 miles away!")

*Statewide, it’s actually illegal to hang things from your rear view mirror like fuzzy dice or even a car air freshener.

*No person living in Galesburg may have a smelly dog (I'd be willing to bet that Galesburg is riddled with law-breakers on this one.)

*In Kenilworth, a rooster must step back 300 feet from any residence if he wishes to crow.

*Bees are not allowed to fly over or through the village of Kirkland (Their city slogan? "Screw Pollination!").

*In Moline you are prohibited from ice-skating during June and August (those in-the-know head for Davenport for all their skating needs).

*It’s illegal to use a slingshot in Horner unless you are in law enforcement ("Stop! Or, I'll draw back!")

*In Peoria, baseball hoops may not be placed on a driveway (at least half the residents there are heading to jail when the crack-down comes).

*In Evanston it is illegal to change clothes in your car with the curtains drawn unless there is a fire (Finally, one that actually makes sense...)

For more of the weird and offbeat laws still on Illinois' books, check out OnlyInYourState's complete list by clicking here.

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