As I sit at my keyboard, Donald Trump is being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. I've heard the words "history making" several times this morning, but then again, aren't each and every one of these presidential inaugurations history making? To answer my own question, yes.

Each president, when sworn in, has brought something unique to the proceedings. Here are a few notable things about past presidential inaugurations, courtesy of the Seattle Times:

  • Thomas Jefferson was the first President to be sworn in in Washington D.C. in 1801.
  • The first inaugural parade was held in 1801, also at Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration.
  • The first inaugural ball was held for James Madison in 1809. Tickets were $4.
  • The first President to be sworn in on Jan. 20th, as mandated by the 20th amendment, was Franklin Roosevelt during his second inauguration in 1937.
  • James Buchanan’s inauguration was the first to be photographed in 1857.
  • Calvin Coolidge’s inaugural address was the first to be broadcast on public radio in 1925.
  • Harry S. Truman’s inauguration was the first to be televised in 1949.
  • Bill Clinton’s second inauguration was the first to be live streamed on the internet in 1997.
  • Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were the only two presidents to walk in the inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower had the strangest inauguration when he was lassoed by a cowboy while on the podium in 1953.
  • George Washington’s second inaugural address was the shortest with only 135 words.
  • William Henry Harrison delivered the longest inaugural address with 8,445 words. He spoke for one hour and 45 minutes in a snowstorm without a coat.
  • William Henry Harrison also served the shortest presidency . He died of pneumonia a month after his inauguration in 1841.

Here's a photo of Abraham Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address:


The LIFE Images Collection, Getty Images[/caption]For more of the Seattle Times' presidential inauguration trivia, click here.

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