This touching video shows the support from Rockford to those in Orlando.

The world stopped when 49 innocent people lost their lives in Orlando, Florida.

Communities across the nation have been mourning, standing in solidarity for the rights of the LGBT community.

There has been no exception in the outpouring of love and support from the Rockford area.

One man in Illinois drove the 1,200 miles with 49 white crosses he built to honor the victims.

A comfort dog from Belvidere went to console victims' families.

A woman from Byron is even baking rainbow cupcakes to raise money for the victims and their families.

So many have come together and this video is no exception to the power of love and community.

Here in Rockford, people gathered in the streets holding multi-colored balloons. At the same time, all the balloons were released into the air in a very moving moment.

Watch the incredible scene unfold below.