Chicago Bear fans are about to get a lot more access to their favorite team. 

Last week, it was the Packers that announced they would be hosting full stadiums in the upcoming season:

Today, it was the Bears' turn to break the good news to their fans.

Not only will Soldier Field be at full capacity, but the Bears will be opening up their training camp at Halas Hall to a "limited number" of fans. More details on that later this month. - Your patience and loyalty over the past 15 months is appreciated, " Phillips wrote. "We are thankful and humbled by the unwavering passion you have shared with us. Once again, it's time to enjoy Bears football in-person!"

It's nice to see training camp open back up to fans. This will be the first time with fans at training camp since the Bears moved camp to Halas Hall so I'm sure they're actually glad they have a reason to restrict the crowd so they can figure out how to run it smoothly next year at full capacity.

As far as Soldier Field there are 2 early games that should be pretty electric at Soldier Field.

Week 2 of the pre-season will be the first home game for the Bears of any kind with fans in the stadium since 2019. It will be pretty crazy. They also are playing the Bills who signed Mitch Trubisky in the offseason. That will be interesting.

Then comes Week 2 of the regular season against the Bengals. The Bears open the season on the road against the Rams in LA. Matt Nagy has (in my opinion, unwisely) said that there is no situation in where Justin Fields starts Week 1.

If Justin Fields is progressing the way reports say he is, there is a good possibility that he starts Week 2. The reception he gets from the home crowd when he takes the field could register on the Richter scale. It's happened in a football stadium before.

The other thing that could happen is the Bears throw Andy Dalton out there again for Week 2. That could spark a chorus of boos that Soldier Field hasn't seen since, well a few years ago.

Bears football: Actually interesting again. That's their official slogan this year.

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