Like many around the country, we here in the Midwest have had our share of school snow-days (and a couple of ice days too) this winter.

Being a morning radio show host, my job as a dad was made much more difficult when my kids were smaller. Since morning radio is the way most people find out that schools are closed due to weather, my kids somehow got the idea that, in addition to reporting the closings, we actually DECIDED whether schools were open or closed.

During one particular snowstorm, I received an off-air call from my daughter Molly, who was in 2nd grade.

Molly: Hi daddy! When are you cancelling school?

Me:    Sorry, sweetie, I can't cancel school for you today. Looks like you'll have to go.

Molly: cancelled it last time!

Me:    No, that wasn't me. It was your school's principal.

Molly: No it wasn't! It was you! I heard you and everything!

Me:    No, no...your principal called the radio station and told us there would be no school. He decides, honey, not me. Sorry.

Molly: Okay, daddy. Will you call him now and tell him to tell you that there's no school today? And, can you tell him to tell you that there won't be any school tomorrow, too?

Me:     I'm sorry honey, but I really can't do it like that.

Molly: (after a significant pause): What if Mom makes you?

Me:     Well, you see---

Molly: (Shouting to Mom in the other room): Mom! Make dad make the school not have school today!

Mom: Hang up the phone!

I wish I'd had the time (and obvious talents) to do what North Carolina parents Penn and Lynn Holderness, along with their kids, did during a recent snow day. They put together an awesome music video celebrating the joys (mostly) a family can share during a school-cancelling snow storm.

Take a look at what they've put together:



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