Around this time each year in Rockford, we really start to complain about what old man winter has done to our streets. Lumps, bumps, and potholes galore. This idea won't do anything to alleviate those road hazards, but it might make traversing them a lot more enjoyable.

We should install musical rumble strips on major streets that allow for a speed limit of 45mph.

The idea is simple in concept, but fairly difficult in execution. Not impossible, as you'll see (and hear, if you turn up your volume):

See? How can you possibly complain about a shredded tire or broken axle when you're hearing "America the Beautiful?" That's right, you just can't. An otherwise boring drive over to Freeport could turn into a rumble strip concert, as would the Riverside to Sandy Hollow ride on Alpine. Forget your iPod, we're rumble-stripping!

Here's a little background on how they did it:

Of course, we should reserve Bypass 20 for Cheap Trick.

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