snow day

Pro Athletes Square Off to Welcome Winter
A new commercial from Nike is drawing lots of attention, and surprisingly, in our someone-is-offended-by-everything world, not for offending some person or group's sensitivities. Well, I'm sure the entire city of Boston could draw offense at the thought of another winter like the one they …
The “Snow Day” Family is Back For Thanksgiving
The Holderness Family is back with a new comedic take on the season. Who are these people?
From The Huffington Post:
Since rising to viral fame with their holiday-themed video X-mas Jammies in 2013, the Holderness family has covered Father's Day, Independence Day, H…
Snow Day Fun
Like many around the country, we here in the Midwest have had our share of school snow-days (and a couple of ice days too) this winter.
Being a morning radio show host, my job as a dad was made much more difficult when my kids were smaller...