If you've never seen sled dogs in action, you shouldn't miss this event. 

I'll admit that I'm a bit biased towards sled dogs since I have two huskies of my own. Fun Fact! Most sled dogs aren't huskies. The majority of them are mutts with husky thrown in. It actually makes a hardier dog.

You can learn more cool facts like this at the FREE event going on at the Brookfield Zoo next month.

Not only will the Green Valley Dog Drivers be there for a dogsled demonstration but zoo employees will be on hand around the park to chat with guests about their Birds of Prey, Polar Bear, Wolf, and Big Cat exhibits.

The event is Sunday, February 11 (the first Sunday after the Super Bowl) and begins at 10 AM.

Did I mention that the entire event is FREE! This is going to be a cool event even if you don't have any kids.

For more information, you should head to their website here.

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