Since Sister Jean from Loyola has become an international star, it's only fitting that she has a bobblehead of her own. 

Even casual sports fans have gotten caught up in Loyola fever. The small school on Chicago's north side have stormed their way into the Final Four and our hearts.  The woman who has been there the whole way, Sister Jean, has become the darling of the dance.

The 98-year-old nun has been a fixture at Loyola games LONG before the Ramblers became the country's favorite Cinderella. She's an admitted basketball junkie.

This being America, someone saw some dollar signs and took action. Sister Jean has given her blessing for Loyola to license her name and image. There already have been socks and T-shirts made in her likeness, but the most popular item has been her bobblehead.

ESPN -  Earlier this week, Loyola approved a new bobblehead to Sklar's Bobblehead Hall of Fame. The Milwaukee-based company had made about 500 different bobbleheads over the past three years.

The most popular bobblehead for the company was the Clemson National Champions bobblehead, which sold 3,000 units. In 48 hours, the Sister Jean bobblehead, which is being promised to arrive on doorsteps in June, surpassed 5,000 units, having been ordered from customers in all 50 states.

You can get your own right here. They aren't shipping them yet, but it's a reputable company so you should have no worries.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time Sister Jean has been immortalized in bobblehead form. Loyola gave away bobbleheads in her likeness 7 years ago. They now have been seen on Ebay selling for more than $300. Will these new ones sell for that much? That depends on what the Ramblers do next weekend.

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