Nikolas Bakken, a North Boone High School student, has been banned from his prom for an excused absence.

I have to look in the way back time machine to remember what type of rules there were about going to my high school prom. I was never a rule breaker, so that may explain why I don't remember them. Or, I'm just getting old.

One thing is for certain, each school has their own set of rules and regulations regarding prom.

A high school student named Nikolas Bakken is learning the hard way, that rules are not meant to be broken.

According to WTVO, Nikolas has been banned from North Boone High School's junior prom. But is the reason just?

Friday morning, Nikolas skipped four hours of school. It wasn't because he was playing hooky, but because he was getting his suit tailored for Saturday's prom.

It was an excused absence and this is what is preventing him from going to prom.

North Boone High School has a strict policy when it comes to absences prior to school events. There are attendance requirements for students the week before prom and they were broken.

Do you feel that this is a fair punishment? After all Nikolas didn't think his decision was going to land him in so much trouble.

Or, do you feel that this an unfair punishment and the rule is too strict and he didn't do anything wrong?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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