Tons of teens had to skip prom in 2020, but this year, local high schools are trying their best to celebrate their seniors.

When you're in high school, nothing else in the world matters. You're a teenager living your best life for those four years, learning, hanging with your friends and celebrating a lot when you're a senior.

Unless you were the class of 2020.

That was majorly sucky.

Graduating high school in the the early days of a pandemic and literally having to stay away from your friends and celebrations for months.

The class of 2021 is in a similar boat, but that boat seems to be floating a little better.

Freeport high school is one of the schools working toward making the end of high school as memorable as possible for seniors by planning an outdoor prom.

According to, prom is this Saturday, May 1, at the Sportsplex on South Walnut Road in Freeport. Masks are required.

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