Who knew that this unique photo idea was even possible?

When I went to prom, I had pictures taken in my parents kitchen and at the actual dance.

Now it seems the thing is to go different locations and get pictures taken before the event. Is it kinda like a wedding? My guess, yes. Thankfully, it's not.

Rewind to this past Saturday, a big day in the area for high school students that were headed to prom. My son and I were at Riverview IceHouse on Madison Street waiting for his hockey game to start when I noticed something happening on the "dinky rink."

For those that don't know, RIH (Riverview IceHouse) has two different rinks one of which is a rather small little patch of ice called the dinky rink. The dinky rink is where future Rockford hockey stars play their first games.

Long story short, I notice a happy prom couple getting their prom pictures taken on the ice, tuxedo, dress, corsage, etc.


It was a cool moment. One I managed to snap a quick picture of. They looked like they really liked each other, and one if not both, love hockey.

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