Members of the Rock Valley College faculty union have rejected a compromise proposal crafted by a federal mediator and will return to the picket lines on Monday.

That means students will miss a fourth day of classes. And the Rockford Register Star reports some could soon face delayed payments on loans and aid:

Proceeds of federal Stafford loans to 297 Rock Valley students will be delayed if faculty members do not return to work by Wednesday. PELL grants and other financial aid will be delayed for more than 2,000 RVC students if the strike extends beyond Sept. 28.

What did the faculty reject in the latest proposal? A release on behalf of the college's Board of Trustees explains: provided an estimated $350,000 in additional salary to the faculty. This would bring the total increase to around $4 million over five years and locked in insurance premium contributions for Faculty at 22.5% through 25% for the life of the entire five-year contract...the Faculty could have had guaranteed raises for each faculty member for five years exceeding $1,000 in the first two years and exceeding $2,500 in the final year of the agreement - along with a locked-in premium contribution rate for a top of the line health care program which is below what most people have to pay for insurance.

As to the reason for rejecting the compromise proposal, a release from the union said:

“The faculty was concerned about the increased costs through the Board’s proposed healthcare plan.”

The Register Star also reports that teachers have vowed not to return to work as negotiations continue, even if the board approves an impasse.

The Board of Trustees is providing a continuous update on the negotiations here, including what's been offered by the College and what teachers are demanding.

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