A Rockford resident who lives on the west side of town shared a very scary story and warning for all those in the area.

Carly Rice on Facebook said she lives near 5th Avenue and 7th Street in Rockford, where she has "noticed a lot of prostitution and drug sales happening" but "want people to see us out here picking up trash, planting in the community garden, going on walks as a family, feeding people, talking with neighbors, having friendly/supportive relationships with the local police and being generally observant."

However, Rice's story takes a personal and scary turn that has caught the attention of many Facebook users.

Rice claims a suspicious man and automobile were in the neighborhood on May 19 and she was mere moments away from being abducted had it not been the proximity to her house and screams of "NO! Not in this neighborhood!"

According to her story, a man "speaking oddly, slowly and with a heavy African accent." approached Rice while she was standing on her property. Had it not been for Rice standing so close to her doorway and her partner responding to Rice's screams she believes she would have been kidnapped. Thankfully that was not the case, Rice's partner stepped outside and the car sped away while the man ran from their residence.

Rice says she filed a report with Rockford Police and mentioned she saw more patrol cars in the neighborhood after the incident occurred.

Many Facebook users voiced their concerns and many had questions. Most importantly, was the vehicle the suspicious men were driving.  Rice alleged the men where driving were seen fleeing in a "newer, white four door SUV."

Rice's Facebook post has over 500 shares and over 100 comments.

UPDATE: Carly Rice shared an update of the story yesterday on Facebook.

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