Kristen Comer from Rockford wasn't expecting anything more from Zappos other than a pair of shoes. What she received was a whole lot more.

Kristen Comer has been fighting cancer since she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013.

According to WREX, Kristen ordered a pair of shoes from the online retailer Zappos. Kristen was talking to the customer service representative named Margret the two of them began to talk about each other's lives during the call. Kristen told Margret about her battle with leukemia.

The two of them struck up a friendship and have kept in touch since the call. Kristen's warm and inviting personality touched many lives at Zappos. Because she means so much to Margret and many of the Zappos employees, the company decided to do something special for her.

Zappos flew Margret from Las Vegas to visit her friend Kristen as a surprise. Friday night's surprise visit from Margret wasn't the only surprise Zappos had up their sleeves for Kristen here in Rockford.

Zappos also surprised Kristen and her family with a trip to Disney too!

It just goes to show that good things to happen to good people. The video below shoes Margret and Kristen meeting for the first time.

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