Local politician Daniel Gray is the conservative Republican candidate running for Winnebago County Board District 20.

Daniel noticed that some of his campaign signs were going missing. While stealing campaign signs definitely seems wrong ethically you, like me, maybe wondering if it's outright illegal.

Turns out it is. This is an excerpt from Illinois' 90th General Assembly Legislation. Unrelated. If you ever want to punish your children, have them read this and write a short report. It's amazingly dull.

Section 20.  Signs; public property; removal.
21        Campaign  signs may not be posted on public ways, utility
22    rights-of-way, easements, or any public property.  If a  sign
23    is  posted  in  these areas, the corporate authorities of the
24    municipality where the sign is posted  or,  if  the  sign  is
25    located  in  an  unincorporated area, the county board of the
26    county where the sign is posted, shall order the  removal  of
27    the campaign sign.

So as you can see, yes it is illegal.

Listen, folks, we may not get along politically all the time but we need to follow the rules.

The woman in the picture above has not been identified. I don't think we need a pound of flesh for this crime but let's discourage it from happening again.

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