On Tuesday of this week, you may have noticed an increased Rockford Police presence in the areas of Charles Street from 9th Street to Parkside Drive and Broadway from 9th Street to Alpine Road. You may have even met the police up-close-and-personal.

Rockford Police, in an effort to stem the amount of serious car crashes in our area, tasked the The Rockford Police Traffic Investigation Unit to monitor spots where police say there has been an increase in serious accidents involving injuries.

A total of 56 vehicles were stopped during Tuesday's efforts, with 40 speed-related traffic citations being issues, along with 12 tickets being written for cell-phone usage violations.

Tickets were also handed out for 9 insurance violations, 7 seat belt violations, and one involving a drivers license-related issue.

More monitoring of "high-accident risk" spots are planned, so save yourself some time and money (along with possible your life) and watch your behavior on the streets of Rockford.

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