Starting Friday, the Forest City is going to get a whole lot warmer. How much warmer? Well, with the projected high temperature on Friday expected to hit 93, and up to 95 degrees on Saturday, we might be looking at new state records. We may not make it, but we will be in the over-heated ballpark.

The previous high temperature mark for June in Rockford was set (according to the Illinois State Water Survey) June 20, 1988, when the mercury soared to 101 degrees. Rockford's overall record temperature was set in August of that same year, when the temperature hit 104 degrees on August 16th. Rockford also hit 103 degrees in 1955, and 102 degrees in 1953.

As long as we're looking at records (and you feel the need to cool off after reading about those sweltering days of the past), Rockford's record for cold temperature was set in 1982, when we hit a bone-chilling -27 degrees on January 10th. The runner-up cold temperature of -24 degrees happened on February 3rd, 1996. The next-closest was a relatively balmy -11 degrees set on March 1st, 1962.

As you'll see, we've got a ways to go before we break any global records: