Here in Rockford, Illinois, we had a brutal winter season and are currently in the midst of a hectic spring. However, summertime is just around the corner and I'm excited... and also terrified.

Believe me, I'm ready for sunshine and days by the pool at Hurricane Harbor or Wisconsin Dells. I can't wait to be with my friends and family with a drink in hand. Summer is my second favorite season (next to fall!) But summer also brings on some insecurities that I'm plagued with seeing right now.

The One Ridiculous Thing Most People Fear Going into Summer

If you know me, you know I love me some glam. I love makeup, dresses the whole deal. This means my vain self is dissecting what she sees in the mirror, especially going into warmer temps.


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I spent a long winter in the cozy warmth of my apartment, which means I haven't had a proper date with Mr. Sun for quite a while. I about shrieked when I looked in the mirror and saw how pale I was, and right now that's been bugging me so much that I went and bought self-tanner!

I'm naturally very pale, but where I'm at now is a step beyond natural. It's a hard-earned reward for the hermit mode I've been in. Not saying at all that being or feeling pale makes anyone unattractive, I'm just coping with the drastic change I've seen.

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Clearly, I need to start dedicating more time to getting outside, because this is NOT the best version of me --  I can guarantee that!

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I cannot WAIT for some days at waterparks when I can feel the sun and like myself again!

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