Rockford has many things it's known for. I've been here for a hot minute now, and these are some of the most underrated and amazing things about the 815. Sure, there are some more I'm probably forgetting, but these are all based on my personal opinion and experience.

Our town has so many amazing things -- even when I moved I went into a bit of a culture shock. There are so many choices for delicious food and fun events, but there are little things that, to me, make Rockford a truly special area.

Amazing and Criminally Underrated Things About Rockford, Illinois

#1 The Shopping Choices 

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I know many are going to disagree, but I love a good shopping day in the area! Not even just the bigger stores in the mall or around town, but the local ones too! You have so many fun options for thrifting and getting some healthy retail therapy. Sure, I wish there was more but I'm so happy with all that I've got here at the moment. It's so much fun and where stores are located is SO convenient (in my opinion.)

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#2 The Kind People


Oh my gosh, the kind people I've met here, where do I even begin? I've been in terrible and frustrating situations for a time or two, and even just the slightest bit of kindness helped me keep my head up. Whether I need something OR I'm just shopping for an outfit, good people to help out have made my world a better place. Euro TattooSmiley's Vintage, Barnes & Noble, Anderson Nissan and even Charlotte Russe are a few spots where you'll find some truly kind help and customer experiences.

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#3 - Breathtaking Hiking Trails

Olivia Williams, Townsquare Media
Olivia Williams, Townsquare Media

I grew up on an acreage with a lot of space to pretty much do anything I wanted. So, I'm an avid outdoor lover. I was completely in awe of the amount of botanical gardens and hiking trails available here in the area. I mean... there are so many options it's almost overwhelming to pick. I could spend all day hiking and visiting Anderson Gardens or Nicholas Conservatory.

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As I said, these are a few of my favorite things about the area. But honestly, I'm sure there's so much more that I'm missing. Let me know your thoughts! I'm always game to try or experience new things.

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