Rockford IceHogs player Garret Ross will appear in DeKalb County court next month after he allegedly shared nude photos without a Sycamore woman's consent.

According to WTVO, Garret Ross is facing a felony charge.

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Vaclav Volrab, ThinkStock

The TV station is reporting a Sycamore woman allegedly exchanged nude photos and video with Ross, whom she was in a relationship with. The report says she allegedly ended the relationship after learning he had a girlfriend.

Felony charges were brought upon Ross for allegedly sharing a photo of the Sycamore woman engaged in a sexual act. This was without her consent.

An investigation was held for four months. After searching Garret Ross' phone, charges were pressed against Garret Ross.

Ross will appear in DeKalb County court where if found guilty, could be sentenced up to three years in prison and be fined $25,000.

As of today, Ross is still listed as a player on the IceHogs roster on the team's website.

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