A Rockford casino has been talked about for some time now. It looks like it might actually happen. 

MyStateline - Senate Bill 7 passed the Illinois Senate on Wednesday. It would allow for casinos in Rockford and five other Illinois cities. As part of the legislation, all of the up-front licensing fees for the new casinos would go to the state's General Revenue Fund to help pay bills.

The bill was sponsored by Rockford's state senator Dave Syverson so you know Rockford will probably be the first city to get one.

The recently bought Clock Tower property is the odds-on (see what I did there?) favorite site of Rockford's new gambling oasis.

The fact that all the licensing fees will be going directly to alleviating the state's budget should mean that this will pass the House with little difficulty. It's amazing what can get passed when everyone needs a little money.

Now Illinois just needs to legalize marijuana and all our financial woes will be a thing of the past. Right?

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