After spending four years together, the faculty at Guilford High School gives advice to class of 2017 as they graduate.

Graduating high school is such a huge deal.

For most of your life, you were in a school building, with a bunch of the same kids. I'm talking almost 15 years with them!

Then, suddenly, it's the middle of May of your senior year of high school. Then what?

College? Maybe. A job? Maybe. Marriage and kids? Maybe.

The faculty at Guilford High School is helping their graduating seniors take a deep breath and enjoy the journey, with a little bit of comedy, as they go off into the world.

Watching this video sent me back 12 years ago (!) when I graduated high school. I'm super jealous that kids these days (I'm so old typing this...) have YouTube so that they can remember these moments for ever.

Congrats graduates!

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