To get the vaccine or not to get the vaccine, that is the big question on everyone's mind these days.

Many people are concerned about the long term effects and "unknowns" surrounding these quickly produced COVID-19 vaccines, but let me tell you this, my husband got the vaccine last week, and he's had no complaints thus far.

I understand hearing that my husband has not suffered any vaccine complications probably doesn't do much to calm your concerns, but perhaps these words from MercyHealth's Chief Medical Officer John Dorsey will...

Dr. Dorsey recently told;

This is a very safe vaccine. Very new technology for vaccines, but it’s not a new technology. This technology has been used for chemotherapy development and in cancer research and cancer development for quite a long time, so it doesn’t effect your DNA

With two COVID-19 vaccine options available to the Stateline public soon , we should all be taking a hard look at what we want to do. Listen to the advice of medical professionals. Do the research. Create a list of pros and cons if your mind is still torn about what decision to make. Think about others in your life who could truly be affected by that decision. DON'T read into the conspiracies you see on social media. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU and don't be swayed by other people's opinions. It's your life, not theirs.

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