Rockford is a bicycling town. With miles and miles of bike-paths, and a citizenry that loves to make use of them, there's little dispute that we've got a lot of people around here who spend quite a bit of their time on two wheels. Unless...those two wheels (and the bike attached to them) are stolen even when we've locked up the bike. Then, those paths become walking paths.

When it comes to bicycle theft, here are a couple of things that I didn't know: any existing bike lock can be cut within a minute, and that's why 1.5 million bikes are stolen each year. That's right, even the "super-hardened-industrial-grade-stainless-steel-titanium-mega-foolproof-that-sucker's-not-going-anywhere" bicycle locks can be easily foiled by someone who knows a thing or two about theft.

This new-fangled take on protecting your exercise investment does not claim to be any tougher to cut through than their competitors models. No, they admit that their lock can be sawed apart.

However, what happens once the thief saws into the "Skunk Lock" is where the deterrent factor comes into play. Not many products proudly tout their "vomit-inducing" properties:

So, for those who worry about leaving their bikes locked up in front of one of downtown Rockford's many great eateries or shops, maybe it's time to make the bike thieves nervous.

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