Don't let the headline fool you into thinking that you have a choice. Some serious cold is about to hit most of the country, and Rockford is certainly in Mother Nature's crosshairs.

Several of us who work at the radio stations in our building are Rockford-area born and raised. We've been through winter after winter around here, and we've lived to tell the tale. You'd think that we would have gotten our weather complaining out of our systems long ago, but no...we complain as loudly as our brethren from warmer places. You should hear it around here this morning.

"Did you see the forecast for this week and next?!"

"Why, is it gonna be cold, or are we getting snow or something?"

"Temps in the low 20s for a high, and single digits for the low, starting tonight."

"Oh, the 20s? Big deal. That's not so bad."

"Yeah, then next week, the temperatures are in the teens at the first part of the week, with the worst coming midweek. Wednesday's high is...wait for it...3 degrees.

"Wait, what? 3 degrees?

"Don't worry, Thursday warms all the way up to 4. Overnight, the low temperatures will be as cold as 10 below zero."

"Seriously?! Are you $*#&! kidding me?! Might as well be working in Antarctica..."

You know the old adage, "Misery loves company," right? The whole country is getting a taste of this "arctic breeze," but as you'll see, there are places that have it worse than we do in the Rockford area: